18 – 26 September: Peace Week Netherlands

Every September starting in 1967, PAX organises the national Peace Week. Together with thousands of people throughout Netherlands, we show that there is a better way. Everyone can contribute to peace!

During Peace Week, people who long for peace and a feeling of community join PAX in demonstrating what is possible, despite growing polarisation. The week features unique events and countless beautiful moments – on a human scale, doable, and within reach.

The goal of the Peace Week is to put a spotlight on positive initiatives, initiatives that contribute to an inclusive, peaceful society in the Netherlands. We get people moving so they can contribute to peaceful communities. We invite everyone in the Netherlands to take part. People organise hundreds of activities throughout the country, ranging from movie nights to festivals, meals to master classes, and celebrations to debates. This is Peace Week: all these local activities taking place in communities all over the Netherlands.

PAX supports local initiatives with an annual Peace Week theme, ideas for events, materials, training days, and a special Peace Week website where all the activities are listed. PAX also runs a national publicity campaign to generate media attention.

Source: Paxforpeace.nl

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