17th February 2020


I was visiting the Arnhem War Cemetery, twenty minutes’ walk from our house in Oosterbeek, on 21 Sept 2019. There are hundreds upon hundreds of graves of young soldiers, mainly British, victims of the 1944 Operation Market Garden and its airborne landings. The neat rows of headstones, the big Cross and the monument: “Their name liveth for evermore”, lead to sad reflections and prayer. 1523 … Read more

Candid Interview with Nigerian Bishop: “To Be Silent is Mortal Sin”.

Again, one feeds the other. I do not think it is the case that ordinary citizens vote along tribal lines. It is rather the case that politicians across Africa continue to feed the demons of ethnic or religious rivalries and stoke the embers of hatred. Take northern Nigeria, which has held on to power for so long in Nigeria, who today the current administration has … Read more

Trappistine Sisters of the Abbey of Koningsoord, The Netherlands, Open Natural Cemetery

The Trappistine Abbey of Koningsoord, Arnhem, is built on the site of the former formation house of the Mill Hill Missionary Brothers. A new cemetery providing natural burials was recently opened in the Netherlands after years of preparation. The Trappistine Sisters of the Abbey of Koningsoord came up with the idea as a place of consolation and of connection, and of course as a final … Read more

India: Violence Against Christians on the Increase in 2019

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) – There are over 200 episodes of violence against Christians reported in India in 2019: this is the data sent to Agenzia Fides by the NGO “Alliance Defending Freedom” (ADF) based in New Delhi. In a report by the organization, 218 incidents of various kinds occurred in 243 days in 2019. Of these, 159 were episodes of mass violence, about 27 … Read more

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