24th February 2020

Remembering Cosmas Ondari MHM

A year ago Fr Cosmas Omboto Ondari mhm was killed in Kembong, Cameroon, a tragic victim of the conflict between the anglophone provinces and the central government of Cameroon. (For further information type ‘Cosmas Ondari’ in the SEARCH button of this website to access the articles relevant to this tragic event and the aftermath) Last month Andrew Mitema mhm together with George Omuto mhm and … Read more

Religious Pluralism: Asia’s most Controversial Theological Impulse

In large part, the concern was, and remains, the impact of such theological thinking on mission. Christianity in its essence is a missionary religion, and the final command of Christ on earth was to “go forth and make disciples of all the nations.” If Catholicism were to cede that one can be perfectly fine in the eyes of God by following another religion, therefore, many … Read more

Cameroon Crisis: Top US Diplomat Urges Real Negotiations

Tibor Nagy, the top US diplomat for Africa, said he believed advisors to Cameroon’s veteran resident, Paul Biya, were telling him “you can win this militarily.” “The truth is, it’s not going to be won militarily,” Nagy told a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee. “Every day more Cameroonians who in the beginning were probably very loyal Cameroonians are starting to think that maybe declaring a separate … Read more

Pakistan: Inauguration of the Year of Youth 2020

Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference inaugurated the Year of Youth 2020 at a Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Lahore. More than 1,000 youngsters from Pakistan’s seven dioceses gathered for the colorful ceremony on Nov. 16. Bishops stressed the importance of education and a revival of the role of youth in church leadership. Archbishop Christophe Zakhia El-Kassis, apostolic nuncio to Pakistan, read out a special message … Read more

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