12th July 2020

Bishop Joseph Kizito – a Ugandan to Head Diocese in South Africa

In an interview with ACI Africa Tuesday, November 19, the Bishop-elect has described his appointment to shepherd the people of God away from his ancestral land as the Church’s fulfillment of what the Lord Jesus commanded and that he is a Ugandan “in the family of the Catholic people in South Africa.” “It makes me proud that the Church is fulfilling its teaching, the mandate … Read more

South Asia: Inexorable Rise of Intolerance

People in the region have many things in common when it comes to their way of life, livelihoods, cultures and even their religious practices. Their close geographical proximity also ensures that what happens in one country affects the others, for good or bad. The unbridled march of intolerance in the region, however, means their differences are to the fore and their commonalities take a back … Read more

Witu, Kenya: Water, Glorious Water!

In the first edition of our parish Magazine (Ujumbe@Witu/Kipini), I pointed out, that one of the crucial challenges faced in the villages around Witu over the years is lack of hygienic drinking water. Access to good drinking water is crucial in any community. When one goes visiting the villages from about 4:00 p.m. when children are just back from school, one immediately notices how desperately … Read more

Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network: UK Branch Closes

On the 6th November a ZOOM video conference meeting of CORE group members of the UK antenna of the Africa. Europe, Faith and Justice Network implemented a wider consensus of members to mark the closure of its network. We thank everyone who has been part of the network founded in the mid-eighties by returning religious from Africa and those who have given support to the … Read more

UK: A Song for an Age of Polarisation – ‘May We Be Reconciled’

Andy Flannagan said: “As someone from Northern Ireland, I know only too well what can happen when two tribes begin to live separately within one country. This is a heart-cry for us to come together. It is not a song about Brexit. It is a song about Jesus. But it has been written in the shadow of Brexit – it’s a song of repentance to … Read more

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