Cameroon: Holy Union Sisters

ameroon has been suffering from civil war for the past four years and there seems little hope that it will end soon. In the meantime, we Holy Union Sisters are trying our best to serve the people of the Northwest region of the country.

Specifically, we have two medical centers in Ndop, the Ngoketunjia Division. The area is a beautiful grasslands plain overlooked by the Ngoketunjia mountains. The most populous tribe in the area are the Fulani, and most practice Islam. We went there when requested by the local bishop because there were serious health issues that needed addressing.

Although we serve people coming from across the district, our particular village — Baba 1 — has a population of about 35,000 people. Baba 1 is one of 13 villages of the district; each village is called a “fondom” and has its own language, traditions, and traditional authority called a fon.

Our congregation came to French-speaking Cameroon in 1931 from Belgium and the United States to work with the very poor. We are fortunate to have many vocations from Cameroon.

Over the years, as our numbers increased, we expanded into six regions of the country. In each of these, we are committed to justice through education, health care, social services, pastoral care and agricultural development. Our charism calls us to live with all people in holy union with the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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