A Heartfelt Christmas Prayer from Sudan

People with guns bring suffering and death, Jesus brings peace and life.

Lord Jesus, you are the Prince of peace and love…
It is sad to see Sudan and South Sudan
still living without love and without peace.

Many people were mowed down by that awful instrument of killing,
Others instead live in abject need of food,
clean water, medical services and the need of decent shelter.
This has made us become beggars in many countries.

I ask why people should be shot by hateful weapons of destruction.
Their only desire is to live in peace and harmony.
I ask, why should they be killed and tortured by those who rule by force?

Oh my Jesus, Prince of Peace and Love,
I raise my heart and pray to you at this Christmas
and throughout the New Year.

Save us from those who rule with guns
to oppress and exploit our people.
Their hands are full of the blood of the innocent
and their hearts have become full of evil.

Jesus, Lover of the innocent and of Peace,
be with us at your coming
and save us from those who govern with the gun
and with violence force.

Save Sudan and South Sudan.
Give us your blessings, give us your peace.

Many people do not know you and do not love you.
You have given us the dignity of human beings
and you have shared our humanity.

Jesus, on behalf of my brothers and sisters,
I cry in their name and ask
that you open the hearts
and minds of those who rule the Nations
by the barrel of the gun.”

Bishop Macram Max Gassis

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