A Student’s Eulogy of Silver Jubilarian Fr Andrew Mukulu

Fr. Andrew Mukulu your name sounds like you’re from Ggulu

If you had married you would have Abazukkulu,

This has not died, since you have touched many as their mentor.

You raised them as their formator,

And you treated them as a care taker.

It was in 1998, when your long-awaited dream was attained.

I may not know how you reacted! But I know that your heart was filled with happiness that is never defined.

You did not become a priest for yourself, not even for your family or for Budaka.

But you took the first position here in Uganda

I am just looking at you as a young priest filled with strength and Vigor

Did you know how you will work?

This you should not remember, because you became a member.

You have lived as a Mill Hiller, you have been a leader

You are an advisor but still an elder.

I need to write a book and circulate it like that of Gulu Gulu,

Such that whenever it reaches, they may know it is Mukulu.

A priest ready to serve with no fear, even if it is to walk from here up to Ggulu,

Humble in character like the supporters of Liverpool

Strongly dedicated like the warriors of Zulu,

Smart in mind and code the Leaders of Ibu

With a sweet voice that sounds more than the supporters of Manu.

Fr. Andrew, am meaning Mukulu!

Remember yourself as a great footballer not only that but also a volleyballer

Running at high speed like the river channel!

I don’t I imagine this but I see you running horizontal

Playing as the best like the London team Arsenal

Those are the moments to remember as well.

The journey of your priesthood was not a joke, starting from India where you did your pastoral

Continued to South Africa and you carried on with the Missal

The Holy Spirit guided as well

But in all you remained strong

Later you took over Cameroon as a general

With no fear of the weather because I hear some say it is hot surely!

There you lived to serve and to form

You dedicated yourself but still humble and soft like foam

Hard working determined your team.

There you produced many more than the seeds of simsim

That have even gone ahead to offer Baptism

Fr. Andrew, today it is 25 years

Just the beginning of works

Remain strong and firm in your words not only that but also in your muscles.

If it calls to sing, you can sing some songs so that we can listen in our sorrows

You are now in the bracket of elders, but still among the leaders

May God grant you more years, because you are a gift to us.

Yiga Aloysius  (MHM Student)

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