After the initial contact is established, the Vocations Director may invite those who show keen interest and who fulfil the requirements for admission to apply   to enter into Formation to become a member of the Society. The aspirant’s suitability for missionary life will be ascertained by an Admission Board following an interview.

The aspirant who has fulfilled the requirements for admission and satisfy the Admission Board as to his motivation is admitted into the basic formation programme which takes place at one of the Mill Hill Formation Centres in Africa, India and the Philippines, depending on the aspirant’s country of origin.

Basic Formation Period

This period is an opportunity for candidates to develop into balanced, self-reflective human beings, fully alive in their growing commitment to Jesus Christ, the Church and mission.   The normal duration of this period is one year but it can differ from place to place and takes place in the region of origin or in some cases, other more established areas. 

Candidates are given time and space to discover, own and share their own life and faith story and to reflect on that story in the light of ‘God’s story’.  They are introduced to the ‘Society’s story’, and through personal and communal discernment, seek to discover if they are called to enter into it.

Elements of the Basic Formation Programme include structured sessions and courses, personal accompaniment on a regular basis with a formator, prayer and liturgy, community life, pastoral training and exposure to the various kinds of ministry of Mill Hill Missionaries in the local area.

At the end of this period, an assessment of the candidates is carried out by the Rector and formation staff, including the formator responsible for the basic formation programme.  The views of the candidates themselves, the general student body and others who accompanied the candidates during this period are included in the assessment.  A decision is then taken as to whether the candidates may join the 1st Cycle of Formation.