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Africa: I Dance, therefore I am

Singing, dancing, and other body movements are ways I express myself and worship God. Sometimes, I am so grateful to God that I just want my whole being to express this. My whole being becomes consumed in the rhythm as drums roll out majestic sounds and the praise leader announces ancient titles by which our ancestors addressed God.

The atmosphere is electric and the sweat rolling down my face in the packed church is no deterrent to the call for movement/worship. At such times, this verse of Scriptures comes to mind: “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my savior.” It is like being so full of something that you can’t help but let it out.

The beauty about dancing in church is that one does not have to be a professional — no set rules apply. This dance is personal — it comes from somewhere deep within an individual. A simple waving of hands and moving back and forth is enough. For me, it is an expression of my relationship and connection with my creator. It liberates my body and frees my spirit for worship.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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