Africa: The Female Face of Migration

“The IOM reports that 49.9 percent of international migrants in 2020 are women. They are often motivated by the search for a better life; but unfortunately, they are often victims of abuse, exploitation, trafficking,” he said.

“We are helplessly witnessing high human mobility with new profiles of migrants, namely women,” said Sawadogo, and urged the Church and the global community to “pay attention to the situation of these migrant women and in particular to their health… because, during the migratory flows, these women are prey to violence and abuse of all kinds.”

Yasna Mimbela, director and founder of of Besity AS, a Norwegian social enterprise specializing in migration and integration noted that the feminization of migration was a “crucial” problem  and that it was “fundamental that when we work in the protection of migrants, we should  take into account the different profiles of vulnerability.”

Source: CRUXnow

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