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Africa’s Largest Diocese: ‘Desert, My Cathedral’ – Where Charles de Foucault once Dwelt as a Hermit

In the Diocese of Laghouat, the missionaries run a number of projects that impact locals, regardless of their religious affiliations. This, according to the Bishop, is what has kept the Christians to live in harmony with Muslims.

“We have five communities of sisters whose main activity is a project supported by Caritas and other organizations who support us to help the parents of handicapped children how to care for their children,” he says and adds, “The children and the parents are all Muslims. There are no Christian families in the diocese at all. The children who are handicapped, who come to the sisters or the sisters go to their houses are Muslim.”

And it isn’t just the missionaries who are drawn from outside countries. According to the Bishop, a huge chunk of Catholics in Algeria consists of either students coming to study in universities in the North African country or immigrants either looking for employment or fleeing from violence in their home countries.

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