All Praise and Glory: Comment ne pas te Louer, Seigneur?

This song was posted on YouTube in 2009 by the Cameroonian priest and Spiritan Aurélien Saniko, who composed the song out of gratitude for what God had already done for him.

Saniko was pastor of the parish of Sint-Jan-de-Doper in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (Belgium) for sixteen years. After a sabbatical year in his home country, he returned to Belgium in 2021. He currently resides in Gentinnes in Walloon Brabant.

Over the years, the song has become increasingly popular in African faith communities, schools and youth groups. Now, via social media, it is also conquering the hearts of young and less young enthusiasts elsewhere in the world, believers, unbelievers or other believers.

TikTok user @melparis75:

“I listen to it non-stop, it’s great. I am not a Christian, but this music does something to me.”

TikTok user @ajbxl:

“I am a Muslim and I love this song, Christian brothers and sisters.”

Aurélien Saniko is surprised, but also very happy with the success of his composition. “In the meantime I have had a flurry of messages from all over the world,” he told RTL. “People have thanked me for this song. I’ve had messages from people of the Jewish and Muslim faiths telling me they don’t know how to get this song out of their heads. I replied that my dream had come true, because I want to bring together Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists, so that we communicate together in the same language, the language of love.”


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