All Souls: Dying as an act of Trust

Our Christian faith invites us to look at everything in a new way. The stories in the Gospels about the blind do have to do with the restoration of physical sight. But also with much more. Jesus tries to sharpen our hazy inner eye, so to speak, so that we can see the deeper dimension of life as he sees it. Reading the Gospels correctly is like having cataract surgery on the eyes.

Pope Francis has called his first encyclical “The Light of Faith” . In it he leaves the old image of faith as a leap into the void, but speaks of faith as a light that clarifies everything and thus enables us to find the right way. If we live by our faith, our soul becomes a shining fire.

For example, we have to deal with that daily mystery of death. Something that still evokes our resistance. Then the Christian faith invites us to look to the future, in the firm hope that everything will change, that behind every death a completely pure and lavishly rich life awaits us.

We don’t really know what death is worth. That is why death is a test of our trust and our love. He offers us the opportunity to give God the most conclusive proof of our love. Death becomes our supreme act of trust by choosing to believe that there is no darkness after death. But rather, light. No empty silence. But rather, the merciful and welcoming voice of God. We trust that we will see the face of God and hear more sweet words than we have ever believed on earth.

Brian Grogan sj

Source: In alle dingen

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