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Anglophone Crisis, Cameroon: ‘I See Some Glimmers of Hope’ – Bishop George Nkuo

“My prayer is that this crisis will be over. We see some glimmers of hope and I sincerely hope that things continue to improve and that whatever it takes, let those who are responsible for this crisis take the challenge and bring about peace in our land,” the Local Ordinary of Kumbo said.

He also expressed optimism that should the violence end, the people of Kumbo will be able to rebuild their lives.

“I see great resilience among the people in that once it is over, everything that has been destroyed will be rebuilt in very record time,” he said and continued, “I am very confident about that because I know they are very hardworking, very committed and very dedicated people. They have borne the brunt of this crisis with such great courage that I can only admire them.” 

Source: ACIAfrica

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