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At the Beginning of the Year of St Joseph

Pope Francis celebrates Joseph as a father in his recent apostolic letter, Patris corde. At the beginning of this Year of St Joseph, consider what we can learn about Joseph’s fatherhood of Jesus from the context in which Matthew tells us about the birth of Christ.

….”The invitation to us is to do whatever it is we are meant to do, regardless of the cost in terms of other people’s esteem. That is the lead that we have been given by the new Bishop of Rome, who is in the process of discovering that if you answer the call of God you will find plenty of people who will rise up in their wrath and criticise you. Watch him, though, and, this Christmas, watch Joseph; and admire the courage of these two ‘just men’ in doing God’s will, whatever the cost. Christmas is not a celebration of the powerful and the mighty; it is a feast of the poor, and of those who know their need for God”.

Source: Thinkingfaith

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