24th February 2020

Lent in Black and White – A Reflection

Two centuries after Nieuw Amsterdam had become New York, a treat still somewhat unique to that city was born, the black and white cookie. It is coated half-and-half with dark and light frosting. Though when I was a kid I gave up eating them during Lent, those cookies are an apt symbol for the season. We generally think of Lent as a time of gloom. … Read more

Global Formators Meeting in Namugongo

From the 27th to the 31st of December 2019,  Formation staff  representatives from all our Formation Houses around the world gathered in the pilgrimage place of Namugongo, Uganda,  for their once in two years Global Formators Meeting. The meeting was presided over by the Councillor for Africa/Formation in the presence of the Councillor for Asia. To it were also invited representatives of our Vocation Directors … Read more

‘Moral Injury’ – A Reflection on Today’s Status Quo

So much happening every day and everywhere – deaths, births, politicking, floods, fires, locusts, wars, viruses, discoveries, fun, song and dance, sleep and work, prayer and penance, love and lust, peace and joy, anger and fear –  And so much written and reported about the same, and so much done to lament, alleviate or aggravate the same. I hear and read and see and feel … Read more

Kenya: Addressing the Pastoral Dichotomy between Faith and Life

At a conference organized to deliberate on the challenges and opportunities of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation of Pope John Paul II “Ecclesia in Africa” after 25 years of its publication, a Kenyan Bishop acknowledged the “revolutionary” nature of the document but noted the exhortation’s threefold limitations. “25 years later after the issuance of the Apostolic Exhortation ‘Ecclesia in Africa’ by Pope John Paul II in 1995,” Bishop John … Read more

Mount St Bernard Abbey, U.K.: Film ‘Outside the City’ Documents Life in Monastery

Hamer said: “I’ve been working on this film for four years now. I first heard about the monastery during the filming of my previous documentary Dear Albert which is about recovery from addiction, as many local addicts attend the abbey for spiritual retreats. I found the abbey such an interesting place and I knew I had to explore the idea of making a film there.” … Read more

Pakistan: The Disturbing Story of a Blasphemy Law Convict

Convicted of committing blasphemy and sentenced to death by a court in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore in 2002 – when he was 25 – he spent almost 19 years in jail in a country where the crime of insulting Islam, its Prophet Muhammad or its holy book, the Quran, has been at the centre of alleged rights abuses for decades. The crime carries … Read more

Kenya: How can you Forgive when your Tormentor does not Confess?

The passing of retired President Daniel arap Moi temporarily halted the discussion on BBI (Building Bridges Initiative) but opened up another raging debate on how Kenya has dealt with its past and what the next generation can expect to be taught in history class. While the media heaped praise on Mr Moi those detained under his regime also had their say before he was laid … Read more

Local Religious Sisters in Central African Region to Promote Reconciliation

The February 16-19 meeting that took place in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala was held under the theme, “Reconciliation, Communion, Justice and Peace: a pressing mission in our Institutions and in our world.” The Church in the Central Africa sub-region is concerned about the tense socio-political and economic climate, marked by inter-ethnic conflicts, technological and infrastructural underdevelopment, unemployment, violence and political struggles. Major Superiors of the … Read more

Basankusu, DR Congo: Rampant Infant Malnutrition

Two to five out of ten children, or 20 to 50%, from zero to five years suffer from chronic malnutrition, said experts from the National Nutrition Program (PRONANUT). These figures were released Tuesday, February 18, after a two-day workshop on the Revitalized Pre-School Consultation (PSC), which is being held in Mbandaka, Equator Province. According to experts, children who suffer from chronic malnutrition exhibit abnormal growth. … Read more

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