Awaking Inside: Religious Formation Ministry Programme at Loreto House, Ireland

Sr. Samira Gill, a Presentation Sister from Pakistan, dedicated her life to serving the poor. But that left no time to understand her own spiritual needs.

Then she joined the one-year Religious Formation Ministry Programme, or RFMP, at Loreto House in Blackrock, County Dublin, in Ireland.

“I was ignoring myself,” said Gill, 38. “This course has helped me understand the need for balance.” 

That idea of being better able to serve others by also serving your own needs is reflected in a framed quote from philosopher Carl Jung, which hangs in the hall of Loreto House: “Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.”

“You can live for others, but you need to develop and care for yourself and your emotions,” Gill said. “I was living with the poor and doing all those things for God but inside the spirituality was lacking something.

Source: NCR

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