Bamenda, Cameroon: Mill Hill Missionaries Gather in Annual Assembly

The Mill Hill Missionaries active in Cameroon are gathered in assembly from 8 – 12 January

Day 1: Recollection

On the 9th January 2023, twenty Mill Hill Missionaries gathered at the Mill Hill House, Foncha Street, Bamenda for their annual assembly. The first day started with a recollection by Fr Pascal Nsah, a formator at St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary, Bambui. Reflecting on the theme “Go out to the whole world, proclaim the Good News to all creation”, Fr Pascal said, the image of Christ as teacher was stamped on the apostles and on missionaries who are ready and willing to cooperate with the work of grace,  for the grace of God which passes through the missionary purifies him.

Fr Pascal reflecting on his experiences as parish priest of Widikum, a place opened by the Mill Hill Missionaries in 1927, said “Knowing Christ and following Christ is the best way to live”. The most effective messenger is the one who lives the message. Quoting St Francis Xavier, Fr Pascal said “Millions will be converted if they only mind the interest of Christ and not their own interest”.

At the end of the recollection, Fr Nsah invited Mill Hill Missionaries to go back to the oldest model of mission and evangelization – creating friendships, to pray for the people they serve, to live a Christ-centred life, to share their stories, and be welcoming to people. “We are not spectators in the mission, we are participants helping others to discover the values and principles of the gospel.

In the next few days, Mill Hill Members in Cameroon, will be sharing their stories, experiences of mission, their challenges and the future of mission in Cameroon. Members will discuss on mission planning, Feedback of the General Chapter, vocations, formation, mission areas, regionalization, future activities and areas around ethical conduct and protocol policies.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia MHM

Bamenda Cameroon.

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