Basankusu, DR Congo: A Lone Missionary Presence

St. Joseph’s House is a remarkable evidence of the Society’s presence in the Diocese of Basankusu. Historically the Diocese was built by the Mill Hill Missionaries from Europe.  Their achievements such as churches, schools, health centres, farms…were truly fruits of their dedicated work. They were motivated by the Society’s motto “to love and to serve”. This charism, in fact, is and should be our aspiration for doing good at all times!

Today the reality is different with regard to membership. I am just one member in Basankusu at moment. I do my level best to participate in the work of Evangelisation. I invest my energy in reaching out to people in the villages from time to time. I celebrate the Eucharist on Sundays; I baptise children; I take part in the formation of Christian Communities…In terms of responsibilities the Bishop has appointed me as Vicaire Episcopal in charge of Evangelisation. Besides,  I head the Office which investigates sexual violence/abuse against children and vulnerables . I am the moderator at the Council of priests. I am the Chaplain of ABIBA (Children/Friends of Blessed Isidore Bakanja). Ever since I have been serving Christ The King Parish, Waka. Of recent the Bishop has created Quasi Parishes, and has entrusted me with the pastoral care for quasi-parish JP II Ndeke. 

On the whole I am happy with my participation in pastoral activities and the life of the Local Church. I draw strength from prayers and regular celebration of the Eucharist. I consider as useful practice listening to people as they share their joys and sorrows…It is in this context that the ministry of encouragement plays its role. Anyway, the lives of former missionaries offer us important lessons. I now believe that in any situation the love of Christ urges us to offer people the best of ourselves and the hospitality of our presence. I thank all those who pray for me and who give me their support. 

May the Lord continue to guide me in my ministry.

Stanislaus Bondoko MHM

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  1. Courage Stan in your ministries, many hats for you ! Well done for good work and for facing the challenge of being the lone MHM in Basankusu at the moment . Hopefully in a near future you will be in a team of fellow mhms!

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