Basankusu, DR Congo: Bishop Mokobe Opens Fledgling Mill Hill Missionary Parish

On Sunday May 15th, 2022 his Lordship Bishop Joseph Mokobe Ndjoku presided at the official opening of St. JPII Quasi-Parish Ndeke,  the first one out of 20. This portion of the local Church has 26 basic communities comprising 8 schools. People from several tribes are here: Mongo, Mongando, Ngombe, Swahili speaking people, etc. The Quasi-Parish St. JPII includes villages such as Boyela, Lulongu, Lolungu/Wala,  Mondge, Isaka, Linkulunkuma, Eladji, Mbileona, Ndeke village, Ndeke Centre, Camp Djembo and Camp Wala.

Addressing the Congregation the Bishop put great emphasis on the formation of the Christian Communities which he considers to be the remedy, the vaccine to widespread ills of our time (egoism, violence , dislike of others, telling lies, etc).

The faithfull, he said, have a duty to listen regularly to the Word of God. In this way Christ will become alive in them. Quoting from Ephesians 2:19-22, he exhorted everyone to feel at home , to participate effectively. Each one of us ought to be a living stone in building up the Church as the Body of Christ. Nobody is a stranger in the community. Christians have got the pastoral duty to build peace based on love. 

Towards to end of the celebration the Choir from the Protestant Church delivered an inspiring song. It highlighted collective responsibility as a way forward in building up the Church. 

After all a Quasi-Parish has to become a fully-fledged Parish. The Bishop pointed out the challenges ahead of us. People ought to work hard in order to put up some structures : Church, presbytery, parish hall, guest house, etc. 

There is much to be done. And we need prayers and support of all kinds from family members,  friends, people of good will both near and far. 

God bless !

Stan Bondoko mhm

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