Basankusu, DR Congo: Hit by a Double – Ebola and Covid-19

In a message to Fr John Kirwan mhm the bishop of Basankusu, the Right Rev Joseph Mokobe Ndjoku, writes:

It is becoming increasingly clear that the covid-19 pandemic is in the process of radically changing our manner of living and relating, the way we live our deepest convictions. I had to wait a while to respond to your message because I wanted to have a clearer picture of what is happening in Bolomba and Bongandanga!

At Bolomba a first occurrence of “ebola” has been reported, with two deaths and thirty contacts! Everything started from Mbandaka where “ebola” has already claimed a few victims. Our delegation (Fr Stéphane Besongo, Sr dr Victorine Bofili, Br Paul Fuila and one of our nurse supervisors) left for Bolomba on last Friday and was vaccinated today. MSF has already arrived there and Unicef will get there soon …

At Bongandanga, a young trader from Basankusu (he works occasionally as a cook at Mpoma during the ophthalmologist missions) after having passed a few days in Mbandaka, died jusdt yesterday. The symptoms described suggest it is a case of covid-19! He was staying at our parish St Dominic (with Fr Ephrem). We are waiting for the results of the test to be carried out(when !!!) in Kinshasa.

We are monitoring both situations very closely.

Bishop Joseph Mokobe Ndjoku

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