Basankusu, DR Congo: Inauguration of Youth Centre

Under the leadership of the Local Ordinary, Monsignor Joseph MOKOBE NDJOKU, the Diocese of Basankusu has set up a diocesan centre for the promotion of youth. This newly inaugurated centre has been gieven a name that sounds like a programme: “I SAW YOUNG PEOPLE BUILDING A BETTER WORLD”. The solemn inauguration of the centre took place on 16th July 2023.

At the inaugural Eucharist presided over by Monsignor MOKOBE told the faithful that the creation of the Diocesan Centre for the Promotion of Youth expresses the hope that God and his Church places in young people for a better future of our society. Young people constitute a Grace and an incomparable wealth. Taking care of their formation is an investment to prepare their happiness and a sustainable development of the whole of humanity.

Monsignor MOKOBE continued by affirming that faced with the moral drift observed among our young people; a drift exemplified by the exaggerated consumption of narcotics, drugs, strong alcoholic drinks, without forgetting the risks of political manipulations which lead them to violence and fanaticism. The Diocesan Center for the Promotion of Youth offers them a framework where they will come to explore, through specific and appropriate training, fruitful ways to succeed in their lives. As part of the Diocesan Centre for the Promotion of Youth, the construction of the multipurpose hall is not our major objective, said the Bishop of Basankusu. Rather, it is a springboard or spur for the concern to provide our young people with an integral education, that is to say, one likely to channel our young people in such a way as to enhance and deploy their physical, cultural and intellectual skills and talents. , moral and spiritual towards what ensures the integral success of the human person. The multipurpose hall is a starting point of a spiritual and pastoral dynamic that launches us towards our central point which is the initiatory formation and the joyful and responsible accompaniment of our young people and children called to build a better world.

The ceremonies of the blessing and the cutting of the symbolic ribbon of the Diocesan Centre for the Promotion of Youth were preceded by three days of sharing on the life of young people in the Diocese of Basankusu. Youth delegates from all 20 parishes and 20 quasi-parishes, grouped into 6 deaneries, echoed the commitment of young people for life at home. The sharing and echoes focused on family life, self-help initiatives, professional life, studies at all levels, entrepreneurial efforts, the commitment of young people in the field of habitat, agriculture, hunting, fishing, trade, sewing, transport, politics.

Note that the construction of this multipurpose hall is part of social and economic projects with visible impact, the result of the partnership between the Government of the Republic of Congo and the Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Vicar General.-

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