Basankusu, DR Congo: An Anniversary and a Silver Jubilee

While on retreat at Bonkita, several members of the clergy of the diocese of Basankusu celebrated their priestly ordination anniversaries which fall in the month of August.

We cite two of them here.

The 45th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Monsignor Joseph MOKOBE NDJOKU, the Bishop of Basankusu.

Monsignor Joseph MOKOBE NDJOKU was ordained a priest on August 20, 1978, by Monsignor Ignace MATONDO KWA NZAMBI.

The second anniversary of priestly ordination that we report is that of Father Stanislas BONDOKO, member of the MILL HILL Missionary Society. He was ordained in Basankusu, by Monsignor Ignace MATONDO KWA NZAMBI, on August 30, 1998. On August 30, 2023, he celebrates the silver jubilee of his priestly ordination.

If Monsignor Joseph MOKOBE was the first priest ordained by Monsignor Matondo in Basankusu, Father Stanislas BONDOKO is the last priest that Monsignor MATONDO ordained in Basankusu before being transferred to the Episcopal seat of the Diocese of Molegbe. Father Stanislas is also the first Priest, member of the MILL HILL Missionary Society from the Diocese of Basankusu. We currently have 8 ordinations of sons of the Diocese of Basankusu in the MILL HILL Missionary Society.

Mgr Jean Calvin MOTUBA NZALE

Vicar General.-

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