Basankusu, DR Congo: Rampant Infant Malnutrition

Two to five out of ten children, or 20 to 50%, from zero to five years suffer from chronic malnutrition, said experts from the National Nutrition Program (PRONANUT). These figures were released Tuesday, February 18, after a two-day workshop on the Revitalized Pre-School Consultation (PSC), which is being held in Mbandaka, Equator Province.

According to experts, children who suffer from chronic malnutrition exhibit abnormal growth.

The revitalized preschool consultation aims to integrate different interventions necessary for the best growth of children aged 0 to 5 years in Equator Provincer, precisely in the health zones of Lolanga-Mampoko, Lilanga-Bobangi, Djombo (all in the Diocese of Basankusu) and the city of Mbandaka.

The goal is to monitor the growth of children as a priority activity, going through the preschool consultation, to guarantee the survival of the children, before embracing their lifelong training.

According to the coordinator of the provincial health division and the National Nutrition Program (PRONANUT) / Ecuador), Alphonse Makpolo, SPC is no longer confused with simple routine vaccination. It contains various interventions.

“In this platform, we can vaccinate children, we can distribute mosquito nets, we can promote hand washing, we can give nutritional education, we can give health education”, he said.

The head of office at the provincial health division of Equator Province, Dr Valentin Banga Bato, announced that the revitalized CPS will continue to take place in health centers.

“The CPS continues for up to 5 years. So we do it at the health centers, within a radius of 5 kilometers. The mothers leave their households, they arrive at the center and we organize this session at the end ”.

In addition, UNICEF has promised to support this project for its success and also invited other partners to follow suit, in view of the sustainability of this consultation.

The CPS project is initiated by the provincial health division and the National Nutrition Program (PRONANUT), with financial support from UNICEF.

Source: Radio Okapi

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