Basankusu, DR Congo: Space of Remembrance

Bishop Joseph Mokobe has inaugurated a “Space of Remembrance” in memory of his three predecessors, namely, Bishop Gerard Wantenaar (1924-1951), Bishop Willem van Kester (1952-1974), and Bishop Ignace Matondo Kwa Nzambi (1975-1998). 

He talked with emotion praising the nature of their commitment to the Diocese.  He admired their enthusiasm, simple lifestyle and their zeal for evangelisation. They were the kind of Church Leaders who spared no energy for the growth of the Church. In fact, he had a special note on Bishop Gerard Wantenaar. He recalled the words of the General Superior of that time (1949) who said: “He (Wantenaar) is ageing and yet he remains a true missionary in all aspect…an admirable missionary,  with profound attachment to Congo…”

Furthermore, Mgr. Joseph urged all to remember those leaders who preached the Word of God to us. We ought to consider the outcome of their way of life and even imitate their faith. It has to be so because Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:7-8). What should be our resolve today, the Bishop asked. Well, we must joyously commit ourselves wholeheartedly to Jesus and to our Church. We should BEHAVE DECENTLY so that others may discover some ASPECTS of Christ ‘s PRESENCE in us.

Mgr. Joseph urged everyone to consider the Space, situated in the sacristy of St Peter and Paul’s cathedral,  as a place of PRAYER and of INSPIRATION. He expects to gather more souvenirs, work of arts, photos, written stories about the 3 Bishops in the course of time. Anybody is welcome with his/her contribution. The occasion was meaningful, worth attending!

Stan Bondoko mhm

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