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Bishops from across the Globe Decry Exploitation of Vulnerable Workers by Multinationals

According to the Bishop signatories, big multinational corporations are exploiting their vulnerable workers and, during the pandemic, giving the workers the raw end of the deal that includes cancelling the raw deals at the last minute.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19, humanity faces an unprecedented global crisis. In addition to the threat to public health, the economic and social disruption threatens the long-term livelihoods and wellbeing of millions,” the Bishops note in their collective statement shared with ACI Africa Monday, July 6.

They add, “Particularly vulnerable to the worst impacts of the crisis are the millions of workers lower down the supply chain – many of whom are women. For instance, some big fashion brands and retailers have cancelled orders and refused to pay for textiles already produced, resulting in millions of workers being sent home without pay, social security or compensation.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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