‘The Hard Road’ – A New Publication by Ben Engelbertink MHM

‘De Harde Weg’ (The Hard Road) is a new book written in Dutch by Ben Engelbertink MHM. Taking the literary form of a roadnovel the narrative centers around a group of four hikers who make their way from London to the South of France. Along the way they engage in lively discussions and private musings on a wide range of missionary topics such as: ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, the purpose and scope of mission, liberation theology, the Church of the future, personal vocation etc.

The author presents this wide ranging reflection as his contribution to the – long postponed – Mill Hill Missionary General Chapter

Description by the author:

Another birth, a new book about new forms of missionary life in 2021 compared to before. The book is in the shape of a hike, four friends on their way from London to Southern France. All kinds of questions are raised. The motto of the hikers is: simplicity, joy and peace. That’s why the subtitle is: the uncomfortable roads of the searching man”.

Available from the author: “300 pgs, limited edition in own management, will probably cost around 12 euros, excl. shipping charges.”

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