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‘Born in a Stable’: The Plight of Those Who do not Belong

On the 1st of April 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, 14 guests from ‘Hope for Southall Street Homeless’ shelter were provided with hotel accommodation by Ealing council and the Greater London Authority. It addressed an immediate problem. Since then, the staff of HSSH have been supporting them as best as possible.

The work continues to look after those homeless people who have been housed in hotels and hostels. As we learn to love with COVID-19, efforts have been made to provide permanent accommodation for these people. However, this offer is not open to all. Those with uncertain immigration status, or who are still being processed by the system, do not have access to public funds or benefits.

However, the situation is becoming increasingly hard to maintain; for the council, the staff and the guests themselves.

For various reasons some of the homeless have left the accommodation provided for them. The search to find them and support them continues. The future for all of them is uncertain.

A film about the plight of the guests of Hope for Southall Street Homeless has been made by two Jesuits with the help of shelter staff. The film has been entered for the Ealing Film Festival. 

Source: Jesuits in Britain

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