British Region Celebrates Jubilees

Today, in Herbert House, on the feast of the Sacred Heart, members of the British Region gathered to celebrate the jubilees of three of our members, Brian Coogan 75 years, Denny O’ Connor 50 years, and Eddie Slawinski 40 years; amounting to a total of 167 years of missionary commitment from among a mere three members of our Society – something of record perhaps, but rest assured, Piet Dirven will know for certain!

Their missionary service was celebrated, and thanksgiving made in the liturgy and emphasised in the homily given by Dermot Byrne. Denny and Eddie gave the First and Second Reading, and Brian, though with impaired vision and hearing, proclaimed the Gospel in booming tones, belying his 98 years. It was pleasant to have music and song after the restrictions of Lock-Down and to hear the organ ring out, thanks to our organist, John Taylor.

There followed an aperitif, a fulsome lunch with a very brief speech from Dermot, lest he repeat himself, and Brian, Dermot and Eddie offered expressions of gratitude to Almighty God, the Society and its members for their companionship and support over the years. In conclusion, the cake was cut.

Ad multos annos! 

Stephen Giles MHM

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