12th July 2020

Cambodia: Celebrating the Water Festival

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Tonight we witnessed the floating candle ceremony in Siem Reap. Candles are lit in little boats made of lotus flowers (Loy Pratip) and are set afloat down the river. The place is very crowded as people come from different villages and take part in the merry making. There are riverside markets, street food stalls, live music concerts, traditional performances and games on the riverbank and in parks and gardens. I have never seen such a big crowd as this since we reached Siem Reap. God bless them.

Glenn Diaz mhm

The water festival is a celebration of the rebirth of the country through the monsoon rains, and the colorful boat races a vestige of the former military might of Angkor. Dating back to Angkorian times, today’s Water Festival is a throwback to times past.

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