Cambodia: Pastoral Visit

So happy to meet smiling faces in Kampong Khleang. As it is the rainy season, water in Tonle Sap is increasing day by day after heavy rains in the country and Kampong Khleang will be in the water for about 3 to 4 months as usual. I came to Kampong Khleang this morning and I saw water all around our kindergarten and the basement is 1.5 metres in the water already. Sticky soil and slippery road. It’s fun carrying sticky mud on the sandals that looked like an elephant’s leg.

Friends of us, who visited and will be visiting Kampong Khleang kindergarten will understand why people build stilted homes 10 metres high that attract many tourists’ attention. If it continues to rain like last night, very soon water will increase 5 to 7 metres high in Kampong Khleang village surroundings and we will need to hire a boat to reach our place. Thanks be to God and may His Mighty Name be Glorified at all times and Seasons.

Yacob Chilka MHM

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