Cameroon Anglophone Crisis: Bishop Nkuo Sharply Critical of American Sanctions

“I think there are people in the international community who can call all those involved in this matter to sit down and address the issues and come out with a solution. Everybody should be involved,” he added.

The bishop also pointed to Blinken’s call for a dialogue without preconditions as inadequate.

“What moves are we taking to make sure that that dialogue takes place? I’m concerned. We who are on the ground want this problem resolved. It’s a cry of despair from the people. We have had more than enough,” he said.

“The superpowers can invite the parties that are at war. They have the power to do that. They can increase pressure, maybe sanctions. If they are really interested in resolving this problem, it will be done,” Nkuo continued.

Source: CRUXnow

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