Cameroon: Archbishop Andrew Nkea In Appeal to Restore Peace

Highlighting the various ways in which the Church has been affected by the conflict, Archbishop Nkea who previously served as Apostolic Administrator of Mamfe Diocese in Cameroon’s Southwestern region said that there has been a lot of migration of Christians from the embattled regions, leaving many churches empty.

“Churches in some parts of the embattled region are empty because the population has moved,” he said, and added in reference to 2019 events in Mamfe Diocese, “When I was in my former Diocese, I had to close 10 parishes because there were no people anymore. Everybody escaped.”

“We also have had attacks on Priests and Religious,” he said, and recalling the murder of a Kenyan-born member of the Mill Hill Missionaries, added, “In 2019, I came to Kenya to bury one of the Kenyan missionaries, Fr. Cosmas Ondari, who was working in my Diocese and was shot.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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