Cameroon: Call for ‘Olympic Peace’ during Africa Cup of Nations

Following the Africa Cup, the African football championship from January 9 to February 6, 2022 in Cameroon, various development organizations – including Misereor and Brot für die Welt – are calling for an end to violence in the African country. Together with organizations from Cameroon’s civil society, they draw attention to serious violations of human rights, both by the army and by various armed groups.

A fierce battle has been fought in the northwest and southwest of the country for 4 years, in which at least 3,000 people have already died. 750,000 people are internally displaced. More than 700,000 children have been out of school since 2016. There are also fears of attacks.

Cyr-Nestor Itoua of Brot für die Welt points out the importance of the worldwide covered sporting event. “We wish there would be equal interest in the dire humanitarian situation in the country”.

This is accompanied by a call for the African Football Association CAF and the World Football Association FIFA. They are asked to use their influence to achieve an immediate ceasefire between the warring factions at least during the tournament. The source of inspiration is the tradition of the Olympic peace. According to the aid organisations, this period of peace could then perhaps be used to establish a dialogue between the warring parties.

Source: Vatican Media

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