Cameroon Conflict: ‘We Can’t Take it Anymore’ – Women Protesters

unday’s protests came against the backdrop of a military attack a week earlier on the St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital Cardiac Center Shisong, located in Kumbo, the second city of the North West Region.  It is the largest cardiac center in the Central Africa sub region.

The  director of the hospital. Sister Anshoma Helen Buah, said it was a normal day at hospital on November 14, but at about 1:30 pm, three armored military vehicles “invaded” the hospital in search of separatist fighters.

“They (the soldiers) were armed with sophisticated weapons and dressed in combat attire-a frightful scene for all, especially for patients in a hospital setting,” she said in the statement.

“The Military requested for the Emergency Unit of the Hospital, as they claimed to be searching for Amba boys that were brought for treatment in the Hospital that same morning,” she said.

Failing to find the object of their search, they forced the director of the hospital to lead them to the emergency unit and then resorted to a thorough search of the entire hospital.

Source: CRUXnow

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