Cameroon: Documentary ‘Uncertain Future’- Heartbreaking stories

The documentary “Uncertain Future”, directed by the Adisi-Cameroon association, highlights the impact of the security crisis on the youth of the English-speaking area.

A small shopkeeper goes to the market. Suddenly, her cab is stopped by rebels. Orders from the armed men were given, but the cab driver was slow to carry them out and his vehicle ended up riddled with bullets.

One of them pierces the passenger’s belly… who loses a kidney and must now wear a belt to move around.

The documentary “Uncertain Future” gets its power from its witness accounts, which brings home the casualness of the terror being meted out in Cameroon, where a crackdown against demands for greater autonomy in the anglophone part of the country is in its fourth year.

The above testimony is given by the victim herself in front of the camera, one of the many poignant stories that punctuate the documentary Avenir incertain.

Source: The Africa Report

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