Cameroon: First-Ever Book on Conflict Captures Voices of Voiceless

The publishers of the first-ever book that captures the voices of those most affected by the war say the tone was meant to shock the national and international psyche.

“We felt that it was these unheard voices-these women, children, men who are faceless and nameless, but who are suffering from this war more than anyone else. We wanted to put the story in their own voices in a way that would be attractive and appealing to each and every one. The narrative style would not be very academic, but a style that would appeal to the grassroots person, because the purpose is for the common man to appropriate it, so that they can hold accountable their leaders to try to find a solution.”

“It’s a document people will read and feel the pain our brothers and sisters are going through in the Southwest and Northwest regions,” Agbor Balla said.

Source: CRUXnow

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