Cameroon: Fr Ludovic Lado SJ Calls for Africa Cup of Nations Boycott

“I simply invite Cameroonians who care about human dignity to boycott stadium in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the bushes in the North West and South West regions and with those jailed in violation of human rights and public liberties,” the Jesuit Priest who serves at the Centre for Studies and Training for Development (CEFOD) in Chad said.

“I protest against an Afcon conceived in corruption and financial mismanagement,” Fr. Lado who has launched an online campaign protesting against Cameroon hosting the football competition told ACI Africa during the January 10 interview.

He added, “I protest against an Afcon played over the corpses and in the blood of English-speaking Cameroonians (Anglophones). I protest against an Afcon in a country that is insensitive to human rights and dignity.”

Source: ACIAfrica

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