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The year 2020 started with much anticipated hope of a peaceful solution to the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Unfortunately, with the recently concluded Municipal and Parliamentary elections, the situation has further deteriorated with the burning of houses and killing of women and children. Mere cosmetic changes are not helping our people. A real surgical amputation is now necessary to bring the crisis to an end; “If we play with fire, we are sure to get burned and burn others as well”

In the past few months, I have concluded that sooner or later, we shall need as quickly as possible to be reconciled with one another before we attempt to be reconciled with God. Revenge is easy; it makes us clench our fist. Reconciliation is difficult; it makes us extend our hand in friendship. Few of us can predict where our own lives are going, let alone the future of die world, yet we can be bold enough to proclaim the victory that belongs to God alone.

Dear Friends of Mill Hill, we are a mission, we are missionaries, adding value to people’s lives in the World. According to statistics, every four minutes, one person in our World dies of hunger. Is this not a shame? Is this because there is not enough food for everyone to eat? Certainly not! There is enough food for everyone in need but not enough for everyone’s greed. Those who have, hoard; those who have not, hunger. Some waste while others want. Thank you for being a Friend of Mill Hill where through your red box, you continue to share your bread and food with the poor of the poor in the society.

Lent is here! It is time to allow our souls to catch up. In life we struggle to be in the present moment, to be aware of the richness of our own experience. Our souls will catch up with us only when, finally, we are in a retirement home, with diminished health and energy. We tend to take life, health, energy and work for granted; until they are taken away from us. Dear friends, during this Lent, let us take this opportunity to be aware of how rich our lives are, fully appreciating the moments shared with one another. Simply let your soul catch up!

Our missionaries, home and abroad continue to be grateful. Many of us are choosing Friends of Mill Hill as a way of serving humanity. Your continued prayers for the missions and missionaries is a proof of your fidelity to the Gospel. “Life is a series of decisions you make, unless you accept the responsibility where you are right now, you will never change”

May this Easter bless us all with the strength and courage we need to bear witness to Jesus Christ, to his gentle power and simple presence. When you walk with God, the impossible becomes possible. I wish you a happy Easter!

Editoirial  Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm

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