Cameroon: How Some People Benefit from Conflict

“Kumbo is blocked now, for example, because there are people fighting for their interests. Kumbo for one week is blocked. The markets are closed, the roads are blocked, nothing moves. I traveled from Jakiri to Kumbo [a distance of 14 miles] yesterday by motorbike. There is no doubt about the fact that there are people benefiting from the crisis. There are people who want the war to go on because they are benefiting from it. And who is suffering? The people are suffering,“ the bishop said.

Nkuo said the separatist crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has resulted from decades of injustice against the country’s English speakers.

Very often, government officials have insisted on a return to peace as a way out of the crisis. But Nkuo said peace can’t come without a sense of justice.

“Justice and peace go hand in hand and when we talk about these two intertwined issues, we are talking about the mind of the Church,” he told Crux.

Source: CRUXNow

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