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Cameroon: Mill Hill Missionaries Gather in Assembly

The Mill Hill Missionaries in Cameroon held their annual Society Assembly  at the Mill Hill Central House, Bamenda. The meeting  started on January 12th  and  concluded on  15th of January 2021.

The 26 members who gathered for the Assembly, started their meeting with a day of Recollection led by Fr. Charles Senka, a Diocesan priest from Kumbo Diocese, reflecting on the theme:  ” In the Footsteps of St. Joseph, the Silent and Obscure Servant  of God led.”

During the Assembly the members had a good moment in sharing the joys and challenges they experience in their mission especially in the context of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis and the Global pandemic of Covid 19.

The Assembly session also gave them an opportunity to reflect on the  upcoming Society General Chapter and the points they wish to present in the Chapter.

Finally, the Mill Hill Missionaries who next year, 2022, will be celebrating the Centenary of their Missionary presence and work in Cameroon,( 1922-2022) discussed and started planning for the Centenary Celebration. 

Richard Njoroge mhm

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  1. Seeing our missionaries together in these days of C19 when much of the world is ‘distanced’and lockdown is present in many countries particularly in Europe makes us all hope for a return to ‘normal’ which we have not reached yet.

    Greetings to all, GS

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