12th July 2020

Cameroon: Newsletter of the Mill Hill Missionaries

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We recall with gratitude the legacy of missionaries who for over the past 150 years left their home countries to bring the Good News to our region here in Cameroon. Even today, the local church benefits from young missionary priests who come from other countries to minister in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa.

But whereas in the past such missionaries would have come mostly from Europe, they now come increasingly from Asia (especially from India) and other parts of Africa. We give thanks for their sacrifice. Cardinal Vaughan founder of Mill Hill depended on lay people to support them in their work of spreading the gospel.

In Cameroon, a number of people in the parishes have a collection of red boxes to raise money for Mill Hill Missionaries which sends priests to the missions. By this, they are a vital part of the universal mission of the Church of Christ. Mill Hill Missionaries continue to help build up and sustain new faith communities in some of the poorest areas of the world. Among the Society’s main aims are the evangelisation of the poorest, solidarity with the marginalised, working towards a more just society, concern for the integrity of creation, inter-faith dialogue, and assisting local churches in their own missionary outreach.

Anthony Ndang Ndichia mhm

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1 thought on “Cameroon: Newsletter of the Mill Hill Missionaries”

  1. This Newsletter is an important tool of communication in keeping together as a Mill Hill family. Reading through the newsletter, one can sense the ongoing mission of the Society in Cameroon and in the world. The dynamic spirit of mission is very much alive and active in those who commit themselves being missionaries ‘to the ends of the earth’ and those who support them on the home front. Our prayers and blessing is with each one. Godbless. General Superior

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