Cameroon: Prof. Paul Nkwi First Friend of Mill Hill

Professor Paul Nkwi declares he was the first Friend of Mill Hill Cameroon.

Professor Paul Nchoji Nkwi, a renowned African Anthropologist, who has made remarkable contributions to anthropology, was present for The Mill Hill “Baobab Mass.” There are a lot of achievements to his name, including being a professor of African Anthropology at the University of Yaounde I, the Catholic University of Central Africa, and St Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary in Bambui.

During the Baobab Mass in memory of deceased members of the Mill Hill Family in Cameroon, Professor Paul Nkwi said in his speech, “I was the first friend of Mill Hill in Cameroon. I wanted to be a Mill Hill Missionary, but at the time, the Mill Hill Society was focused on building the local church. So, I was not accepted since Africans were required to become priests for the local church. However, I have always been a mill Hill Missionary because they shaped my life.”

Immediately after his speech, Fr Anthony Ndang MHM, Director of the Friends of Mill Hill in Cameroon, vested him with the Stole of FOMH Cameroon. Mill Hill Cameroon continues to be grateful for the work done by the friends of Mill Hill Cameroon

Fr Alexander Kimbi MHM 

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