Cameroon: Wide Ranging Interview with Archbishop Samuel Kleda

“Work isn’t considered a service anymore. A worker is a servant in the image of Christ, We ought to be at the service of others,” Kleda said.

Kleda said the combination of corruption, government inertia and the lack of an incentivizing environment for development are forcing young people to seek greener pasture elsewhere,

“The situation is such that young people find it hard getting something to eat,” the archbishop said, and explained that when he goes around the streets of Douala, the main activity of youths is transportation using motorbikes.

“This isn’t an activity that can make young people live and be happy,” Kleda said.

“It’s a grave and critical situation in every major city of Cameroon.”

He called for “a good education and a good training for young people” as a way out, saying, “These youths need to find work.

Source: CRUXNow

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