Cameroon: Young Mill Hill Missionaries Meet

It was with a great sign of joy and a spirit of happiness that we, the young members in Cameroon, came together for the meeting of young members in Kribi, Douala. The meeting lasted from the 2nd to the 6th of November 2021. Amongst the nine young members present at the meeting, four are appointed to  work in Cameroon while the other five are temporally appointed to different missions within Cameroon given the Covid-19 and lockdown situations in their countries of  appointment. This coming together of brothers, gave us an opportunity of a break from the everyday involvement of pastoral life in our parishes and to take a rest for the few days while in Kribi. But most importantly, it afforded us the avenue to share and listen to each other.

In the course of the sharing and listening to each other, one thing which repeatedly came up and which formed the bone of contention in our pastoral life was that, many of us were facing the challenges of dealing with the socio-political crisis in Cameroon. However, despite the challenges and difficulties we arer facing, we the young members are resolved with the grace of God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to continue with our missionary mandate of loving service. It was really a source of great encouragement sharing and listening to one another.

Also, within the course of our few days in Kribi, we were happy to receive the Society’s representative for Cameroon, in the person of Fr Innocent Wefon.  With a few words of encouragement, he called on us, young members, to keep the apostolic zeal, be prayerful and remain faithful in dedication to the given tasks of the society. He further exulted us to model our lives according to the Constitutions and Directives of the Society as stipulated in C14. At the end of the meeting, the young members in Cameroon were very happy and they extend thanks and appreciation to all those who continue to support them in one way or another as they keep on with the missionary work of loving service.

Elvis Mbangsi MHM

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