17th February 2020

Candid Interview with Nigerian Bishop: “To Be Silent is Mortal Sin”.

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Again, one feeds the other. I do not think it is the case that ordinary citizens vote along tribal lines. It is rather the case that politicians across Africa continue to feed the demons of ethnic or religious rivalries and stoke the embers of hatred.

Take northern Nigeria, which has held on to power for so long in Nigeria, who today the current administration has privileged in an embarrassing manner by breaking away with tradition. For example, all security chiefs are Muslims, yet the north has been the theater of war. Northern Muslims have been assigned the key positions in government. For example, out of 23 Federal Ministers appointed last month, only two are Christians.

Yet, the north and its Muslim population remain the most impoverished part of Nigeria by every and any index of development. There are some 13 to 15 million children out of school and begging on the streets in the name of religion. So, it is the elite that play the ethnic card and then seduce ordinary supporters into believing that, first, they should not trust the other because he or she is not one of them, or that he or she is the enemy.

Ordinary people are poor across religions and ethnicities and the political thieves steal across ethnic and religious lines. It is the ordinary people that need to be rescued from this savagery. This is why people like us feel so betrayed by politics in our country, and why to be silent is mortal sin.

Source: CRUX

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