Canonisation of Blessed Titus Brandsma: Interview with Vice-Postulator

–Father Millan: In addition to what I just indicated, I would highlight his profound spirituality, not only theoretical (as Professor, he was an expert in Rhenish-Flemish mysticism, as well as on the work and doctrine of Saint Teresa of Jesus), but vital and existential. Although he was very discreet in regard to his personal interior life, the latter transcended in the tragic moments of the concentration camps he passed through. As John Paul II pointed out in the homily of beatification: “such heroism isn’t improvised,” it’s the fruit of a rich interior life.

–Q: That still impacts today . . . And the other feature?

–Father Millan: I would highlight his capacity for dialogue, for understanding. He was an ecumenical man in the most profound and beautiful sense of the word and not only in theory, but in the lofty and very delicate responsibilities he carried out, such as Rector of the Catholic University of Nijmegen or as Delegate of the Dutch Episcopate for the press. It wasn’t easy to live the spirit of listening and reconciliation in that hectic and convulsed Europe.

Source: Zenit.org

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