Cape Town, South Africa: Taizé Pilgrimage of Trust

Catholic Archbishop Stephen Brislin welcomed us the first day and Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba closed the event on the last day of the gathering. Other faith leaders also attended on various days. On the last day, we attended church services with our host families, and after lunch the families took us to the bus for our return journey.

What a moment of grace for South Africa and all the participants who — despite the violence that took place at the beginning of that month — beat the odds and came! If there is any method of bringing people of different cultures, races and denominations together for a common purpose, Taizé’s Pilgrimage of Trust was the best. Friendships were begun, and still continue through our WhatsApp connections.

I was touched when one of the host coordinators, Cindy, remarked that she could see my group was well-prepared. Indeed they were! Since the second week of August, they had been meeting every Sunday after the parish Mass for Taizé preparatory prayers in our chapel. If I was not present, Sister Monica accompanied them in prayer.

On our return from Cape Town, they traveled around to the three parishes of the Rustenburg Diocese that they represented. A co-ordinator of religious instruction in Catholic schools of the North West province invited them for a meeting. He wanted them to start introducing Taizé prayers into the schools next year.

Source: Global Sisters Report

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