Casay, Philippines: Message from a Parish under Covid-19 Strain

We are doing well here in the parish. Prudhvi (student, India) has extended his MEP time due to the cancellation of all domestic and international flights. Nicky and Joseph are well. We all underwent self-quarantine and survived it healthily.

Most of our regular and scheduled activities have been cancelled for almost two months now. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist is being done via Facebook. There is no Mass for funerals. However, a funeral blessing is given outside the church while observing physical distancing. No office work either. This means no regular income for the parish. I have given my staff their allowances and 13th month pay already. For the coming months, if ever COVID-19 quarantine is still in place, a no work no pay policy will be applied. Despite of all this, the parish savings are still available for a limited time. We survive also through the help of our local Government unit here and with some help from friends.

We are praying for the cessation of this pandemic and trying to adjust to the new normal.

Fr. Mario M. Dimapilis, MHM, RN

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