18th November 2019

Pope Francis at the Conclusion of the Extraordinary Missionary Month: On Mission as Attraction

At the end of the Extraordinary Missionary Month, we are providing a few extracts from the book-length interview of Gianni Valente from Fides News Agency with Pope Francis, in which the Pope emphasizes that “Either the Church evangelizes or she is not Church”. The book, published by Libreria Edictrice Vaticana and Edizioni San Paolo will be available in bookstores as of November 5th. Rome (Agenzia … Read more

Synod of the Amazon: Summary of Final Document

Five chapters, plus an introduction and a brief conclusion: the Final Document of the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region was released on the evening of 26 October, by the express will of the Pope. The document deals with a wide variety of topics, including mission, inculturation, integral ecology, defence of the indigenous peoples, an Amazonian rite, the role of … Read more

Bamenda, Cameroon: The Impact of the Extraordinary Missionary Month

Excerpts of a Workshop presented by Fr Anthony Ndang Ndichia MHM on the theme “Baptized and Sent” to the Consecrated Life Grouping in the Archdiocese of Bamenda, Cameroon.   The Impact of the Extraordinary Missionary Month During the Angelus Prayer on World Mission Sunday, October 22, 2017, Pope Francis publicly announced to the whole Church his intention to designate an Extraordinary Missionary Month for October 2019 … Read more

On Becoming a Discerning Community of Believers – Meaningful Preparation for General Chapter

The long term preparation for next year’s General Chapter of the Mill Hill Missionaries to be held in Nairobi has moved into gear. Chapter delegates are being chosen. The Chapter Preparation Committee is scheduled to meet again next week. A Chapter Blog is scheduled to open – January 2020 – on this website for members to make suggestions and enter into dialogue and debate. Practical … Read more

The Extraordinary Mission Month: A Reflection by John Paul Bangsi MHM, Turda, Philippines

THE MILL HILL MISSIONARY AT THE HEART OF MISSION AND MISSION IN THE HEART OF THE HILL MISSIONARY   INTRODUCTION “For he is a Mill Hill Man. And he might have been a Capuchin, Benedictine or Carthusian or a Vincentian. But he is a Mill Hill Man, and despite of all temptation, to join these congregations, he remains a Mill Hill Man. He remains a … Read more

Mill Hill Missionaries in DR Congo: Kinshasa Initiative

Due to the increasing logistical challenges of running a Formation Programme from Basankusu, the General Council took a decision to close the programme there and instead explore the possibilities of opening up the programme in Kinshasa where the different means for running it are easily available. Fons Eppink together with Stanislaus Bondoko were then entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out a feasibility study regarding … Read more

Ageing: Road to Surrender

I work therefore I am There is a danger in active religious life of concentrating too much on our work down the years. The Cartesian Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) becomes Laboro, ergo sum (I work, therefore I am). Although we believe in theory in the priority of being over doing, and frequently preach it to others, it is not easy to live it when work … Read more

Amazon Synod: A Long and Thoughtful Process of Preparation

The Church in Europe, especially in England, would do well to remember how important Patristics were to people such as John Henry Cardinal Newman. After years of prosperity and empire we do well to remember that cultural diversity is not to be despised but respected. Because someone comes from a different culture does not mean they cannot appreciate or hold the same truths or worship … Read more


I was visiting the Arnhem War Cemetery, twenty minutes’ walk from our house in Oosterbeek, on 21 Sept 2019. There are hundreds upon hundreds of graves of young soldiers, mainly British, victims of the 1944 Operation Market Garden and its airborne landings. The neat rows of headstones, the big Cross and the monument: “Their name liveth for evermore”, lead to sad reflections and prayer. 1523 … Read more