12th July 2020

Going out into Multiple Deserts: The Pioneering Missionary Life and Practice of Charles de Foucauld, Dorothy Day and Madeleine Delbrêl

In light of the news that he’s due to be raised to the altars, it’s worth looking again at de Foucauld’s life and ministry. Christopher Lamb has adeptly summarised de Foucauld’s life story, and the lessons he can provide for inter-religious dialogue. An intriguing aspect of de Foucauld’s legacy – and one, in my view, that bears closer examination – is his influence on the two outstanding … Read more

South Africa: ‘Becoming Men’ – A Study of Black Masculinity

Studies about young black men in South African townships are not new, but many tend to associate young black men with gangs, crime and violence. What is new in this book is the focus on young black men who do not subscribe to stereotyped ideas of being a black township man. These are young township men who are not engaging in risk-taking and other problematic … Read more

Corpus Christi: To Become the Body of Christ we also must be Broken like Christ

My point is this: it is the very nature of the eucharist, in enacting the drama of Christ, to incorporate an element of the brokenness of the world and the brokenness of human relations into the story of the foundational event of Christian faith precisely because it mirrors the brokenness of Christ himself. To put that another way, let me use the metaphor of the body. Augustine … Read more

US Race Riots: ‘How Long, O Lord?’ – A Deeply Touching Essay by Black American Jesuit Mario Powell

But how does such change happen? Simply put, these structures will not change until white America—which means individual white Americans—gets close to black and brown people. Until you can smell the stench of sin that we smell, until the smell of that strange fruit fills your nostrils and will not let you inhale the sweet fragrances of the world; until you can see in those nine … Read more

Where is God in a Coronavirus World? – Mark Dowd, a Well-known Broadcaster, Reflects

‘Well, if God cannot create a material world with us in it, without suffering and death, then why create at all?’ It is essentially the same dilemma facing any young couple as they ponder bringing new life into the world. They know their offspring will experience highs and lows, and they will, like all of us, eventually die. But it is exceptionally rare for anyone … Read more

Lockdown: The Times are out of Joint

One of the reasons I am so interested in this new public awareness of time is that I have spent the last few years working on exactly this theme with a group of people who are experts-by-experience in the philosophies of time, but whose voices are rarely heard in public debate. These voices belong to refugees stranded in the most dysfunctional end of the UK … Read more

Easter Message in an Age of Anxiety

Easter Message by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, Myanmar Dear Friends in Christ, Happy Easter! Let the hope of the Risen Lord continue to throw the light in our path.  Say with joy “Alleluia! Jesus is risen!”   Resurrection is our faith, resurrection is our hope.  More than any year we need more faith and hope in 2020. True – these are dark days – … Read more

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